Select from a Wide Range of Combinations That Will Get the Most of Your Space.

Wood-free Design

Conventional kitchen cabinets often use wood as a structural base element, hence prone to rot and water damage. Ours are engineered to last with the moisture-resistant aluminium and foam core.

Made in Singapore

By fabricating our units locally, we reduce the environmental impact of transporting finished goods over great distances. It also means maximising efficiencies and lowering costs for our customers.

Local Specification & Design

Our modular units are designed based on standard dimensions for local homes. Customise and add your own personal touch with our wide-ranging fixtures and finishing.

Durable & Robust Construction

We believe that quality cabinets need quality hardware. All our units are secured with heavy-duty nuts and threaded inserts, and fitted with integrated soft-closing mechanisms.

Custom Add-Ons

It all comes down to your preference and style. Choose from our selection of product add-ons to enhance the functionality and appearance of your kitchen’s stainless steel surfaces.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating
& Non-Directional Finish

Easier maintenance

Embossed Stainless
Steel Worktop

Improves wear resistance

Flush-Mount Kitchen
Sinks with Worktop

Seamless & modern look

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