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Modular kitchens are pre-made surfaces and storage units that are assembled according to the available space, as well as the needs and specifications of the homeowner.

Carpenter-made kitchens are fabricated manually on-site. In contrast, modular kitchens are manufactured in factories, and assembled on-site.

Modular Traditional
Cost stays true to estimate charges Costs continue to fluctuate.
Easy to assemble and reassemble the modules. Permanent fixtures and units.
Factory-made products are quality-assured. Quality not guaranteed with hand work.

Stainless steel is an ideal construction material as well as finish because of its low maintenance, durability, resistance to corrosion, termite, as well as the effects of heat and humidity.

Our modular surfaces come with the standard non-directional finish, but you are free to choose from our wide selection of customisable colours, finishing and coatings besides plain stainless steel.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating Non-Directional Finish Panels
Makes surfaces easier to clean
Reduces fingerprint marks and streaks
Enhances durability and hardness of surface
Hides daily wear and tear better
Enhances durability & maintains appearance

For more information on specifications and manufacturer details, speak to our professionals.

Yes, we offer in-store consultancy as well as hundreds of design combinations, depending on your requirements, preference and budget.

We understand your needs, and continuously raise the bar on quality and performance. Our modular systems are designed to popular kitchen appliances in the market, and are made lower than international measurement standards to perfectly fit the Asian-build.
Yes, our furnishings are available in standard modules or customised sizes depending on your needs. Speak to our professional consultants for an accurate assessment of your home.

Modular systems are easy to maintain, but you can ensure your kitchen lasts a lifetime with these tips:

  • Clean surfaces using microfiber or soft cloths to prevent scratches.
  • Polish or wipe in the same direction as the steel grain for extra shine.
  • Opt for mild cleaning agents and avoid harsh chemicals, which can scrub away protective coating.
  • Operate drawers and doors gently. Should there be restricted movement, vacuum or wipe away debris.
  • Avoid use of cleaning agents that contain bleach and chlorine.

No, modular kitchens are generally signicantly cheaper than traditional kitchens. New technologies have helped us achieve greater economies of scale, as well as reduced labour and installation costs. That means, we’re able to pass the savings onto you.

The cost for a full kitchen remodel depends on your preference and requirements; coating, finishing, accessories, and modular types etc. Each factor should be considered to calculate the budget.

Once we have done a final measure, our lead-time is typically around three weeks for modular fabrication to the first day of installation.

Upload and send us your proposed kitchen designs or plans, and we will provide you a quotation. Alternatively, you can contact us for a free consultation with our trusted professionals.